Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mainstream Media Continues To Struggle -- May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017: NYT offers buyout offers to its newsroom editors. Something tells me the folks at The Washington Post are thrilled with their multi-billionaire owner.

I track the demise of the mainstream media at this post.

Banana Pancakes

One week later Sophia is still talking about making pancakes with her mother. She does not mention the umpteen times we have made waffles together. LOL.

Speaking of bananas. The Norwegians have become so wealthy because of their crude oil (think Statoil), they no longer peel their own bananas. It is true that for a popular Norwegian [banana] sandwich spread, the process of peeling the bananas has been outsourced to the Swedes. Source: Michael Booth's The Amost Nearly Perfect People, c. 2014, p. 183.]

It is interesting to note that even in their #2 industry -- fishing -- the Norwegians outsource most of the work. From page 194 of Michael Booth's book:
...but take the fish factories on the north coast -- it's well paid but hard, cold work, fish-filleting. Most is now outsourced to China -- the fish is flown to China, filleted, packed in Findus boxes, and sent back -- but the rest is done by Tamils (Sri Lanka/Indians) and Russians, not Norwegians. No one wants to work in a factory, or be an engineer ... 
Findus: Swedish frozen food brand; think "Bird Eye").

By the way, minimum wage in Norway is $47 / hour -- at the time Michael Booth was writing his book, and still factories had difficulty finding local folks willing to take jobs.

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