Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Had No Idea -- May 25, 2017

From The Bismarck Tribune:
Hunters in North Dakota bagged more than 36,000 birds during 2016 early Canada goose hunting for the sixth consecutive year.
The state Game and Fish Department says the number represents the combined harvest from the August management take and the September early regular goose season.
Migratory game bird specialist Mike Szymanski (shuh-MAN'-skee) says it's another step in the department's effort to reduce the state's resident Canada goose population.
And, then, of course, there's the regular hunting season. Wow. 36,000 Canadian geese in just a couple of months.  And that's just the "early season."

If one is really interested in annual geese "harvesting" by state, there's a website for that. It appears that between 150,000 and 300,000 geese are "harvested" annually in Minnesota, for example. In North Dakota, it appears the "harvest" peaked in 1996 with 300,000 Canadian geese taken, but generally it's about 150,000 -- very similar to Minnesota.

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