Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Basic Income To Meet My Needs" To Be Free To "Go After My Passion" -- May 25, 2017

Some of America's elite are now advocating "a basic income for everyone," specifically, ""everyone should have enough money to meet their basic needs—no matter what, especially if there are enough resources to make it possible."

I don't think that will happen in my lifetime but just in case it does, I want to post my basic needs now in case there's an application process for this "basic income" or a chance to be "grandfathered" into this remarkable solution to all our problems.

My "basic income" would need to be enough:
  • to buy, maintain, and pay property taxes on a 5,000-square-foot McMansion in west Hollywood or the Beverly Hills, with a 4-car garage (see below)
  • to buy, maintain, and pay property taxes on a 3,500-square-foot summer home in the Rocky Mountains, near a ski resort
  • to maintain a "Ruth's Steak House" lifestyle diet
  • to buy, maintain, and pay annual registration fees for three Italian sports cars and one Tesla
  • to pay for full undergraduate education at Harvard with 7 years of post-graduate education at Princeton and/or Yale (to include one of the dining programs)
  • to make annual payments for a yacht slip off Rhode Island
  • to buy, maintain, and pay annual registration fees for a small yacht 
  • to buy, maintain, and pay for small Lear jet (I would consider sharing with friends, but since they would also all have a basic income, this would not be necessary)
  • to pay for a medical - dental insurance policy meeting or exceeding those that cover US senators
  • to include an unspecified amount to cover any incidental expenses not identified in the items listed above
An example of the 3,500-square-foot is in Sioux Falls, SD, as reported in today's WSJ: Is this a house or a playground?
This couple’s 13,000-square-foot home in Sioux Falls, S.D., features a stage with velvet curtains, a hidden room under the basement stairs, a backyard zip line and more—all added to inspire and enrich their children.
Champ, Eileen and Max just got home from school. Champ, 11, heads to the living room, removes his shoes and—swoosh—takes the metal slide to the basement.

On this lower level, their parents, Keith Baumgarten and Sara Keane Baumgarten, have built a vast playland for their four children, ages 4 to 11, in their 13,000-square-foot home in Sioux Falls, S.D.
Here, the children practice classical guitar, mixed with some piano and percussion, on a stage flanked by velvet curtains. In a hidden room beneath the stairs, decorated with Chinese lanterns and jade carpet, the children practice Mandarin once a day with a private tutor.
Later, they can play skeeball, the classic carnival game, or enjoy a snack from the basement’s kitchen.In an adjacent guesthouse, there is an elaborate, lofted playhouse with bunk beds for each of the children. Outside, there is a large swimming pool and a play set that includes a climbing wall, firehouse pole and zip line.

The Sioux Falls house is nothing like the couple’s former home. In 2006, Mrs. Baumgarten, a business-management consultant, and her husband, Dr. Baumgarten, an orthopedic specialist, were renting a 611-square-foot apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. With their first child on the way, big-city living was wearing thin.
And "They" Say President Trump Makes Outrageous Statements

Prince Salman who is orchestrating a trillion-dollar IPO based entirely on Saudi Arabia's oil reserves has said that he does not care if the price of oil drops to zero. As in zero dollars.

I guess that's why he pressured his "colleagues" into extending crude oil production cuts for another nine months.  But apparently traders are listening to Prince Salman and trying to help him out. On the day he said this, the price of oil plunged 5% or more.

I can't make this stuff up. 

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