Saturday, April 15, 2017

White Butte's Panzer Wells, Antelope Oil Field, Updated -- April 15, 2017

The Panzer wells have been re-fracked; production updated.

Bur(r) Under My Saddle

On talk radio following Sergio Garcia winning the 2017 PGA Masters golf tournament, a reporter was later ridiculed for asking Garcia what it meant to win his first Masters (and first major?) on what would have been Seve Ballesteros' 60th birthday. The critic apparently had no clue on the importance of "the 60th birthday."

I was reminded of that when reading Gino Segre's Ordinary Geniuses, on page 228:
It is traditional to mark a major scientist's sixtieth or sixty-fifth birthday by a one- or two-day symposium that combines serious scientific talks with retrospective remarks about the person being honored.
And before that, on page 136:
At a 1966 symposium honoring Max on his sixtieth birthday, ...
So, I was curious, anything else "significant" in this regard? And there it was, over at classroom.synonym:
In Chinese culture, the 60th birthday holds special meaning and is widely celebrated with food, gifts and festivities. Prior to the 60th birthday, only the first and 10th birthdays are considered significant.
I'm sure one could find much more about the significance of one's 60th birthday if interested, but I'm not. Interested.

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