Friday, April 28, 2017

Two More US-LNG-Export Stories -- April 28, 2017; Look At the Number Of Jobs One LNG Export Facility Will Generate -- President Obama, What Were You Thinking?

This past week has been an incredible week for LNG and the US and exports. Here are two more stories sent to me by a reader:

Cheniere ships LNG to Poland as Europe seeks less reliance on Russian gas. From FuelFix. Data points:
  • will be first shale gas to a member of the former Soviet bloc
  • Europe seeks to cut its dependence on fuel from Russia
  • this is the first such contract for Central and Eastern Europe
  • no LNG has been shipped to northern Europe since Sabine Pass started exports more than a year ago
  • Poland may offer a new outlet for Cheniere
For those with a long memory, Poland put too many obstacles in the way for E&P operators to explore for shale gas in their own country (I believe it was ExxonMobil that inally gave up trying; this was not that many years ago; within the lifetime of the blog).

By the way, where is Sabine Pass shipping US LNG? Glad you asked. From that link from Bloomberg:

Second story: Golden Pass LNG cleared to export, also at FuelFix. Data points:
  • DOE approved
  • up to 2.21 billion cubic feet of gas per day
  • located outside Sabine Pass, was originally built to import LNG from abroad in 2009
  • following the Bakken boom (memo to Jane Nielson), a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips shifted gears
  • the number of export facilities continues to grow; now there are seven under construction; another four that have been approved but not yet begun
  • US SecEnergy Rick Perry gives the credit to President Trump
  • Golden Pass not yet completed
  • will provide 45,000 direct and indirect jobs over five years; another 3,800 direct and indirect jobs over the next 25 years  
Meanwhile, no new jobs under President Obama, but now he's giving speeches that fetch him $400,000. To date: one. Another one scheduled. Even Pocahontas expressed concern.

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