Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Political Page, T+95 -- Apirl 26, 2017

Boom. Coming. Oil companies "say" EV car boom is coming and is "real." Says the surge will cause demand for oil-based fuels to peak in the 2030s.

Trump effect: Twitter monthly users beat forecasts; shares spike. Twitter shares surged more than 11% today. Meanwhile, this is The Washington Post headline today: Trump tweets don't help: 1st Twitter revenue drop since IPO. No one has any idea how Twitter will do going forward but did not show any profit for years after it went public. The Wall Street Journal has a nice article on this story also.

Ryan: GOP will fund Planned Parenthood; won't fund the wall.

Just doesn't "get it." Steve Liesman's views on Trump not attending this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Trump has it right. To call this one night of detente between the press and the president suggests Liesman has not been paying attention. He certainly is not watching YouTube. Thirty-eight seconds into this video: detente? Hardly think so.


  1. While electric cars sales may go up, the natural gas demand might go up as well as more natural-gas power plants will go into operation to fuel the electric cars. The oil and gas industry will just evolve. It isn't going anywhere. Not to mention gas condensate and oil will still be used to make the plastics for these vehicles as well

    1. I agree; I keep forgetting about the non-transportation uses of oil and natural gas. I think I once read that the non-transportation uses accounts for more than half of oil/natural gas demand. Regardless, 2030 is a long way off -- many things can happen between then and now.