Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Political Page, T+94 -- April 25, 2017

Sanctuary: California judge puts injunction on Trump's injunction order. Mounts to a hill of beans. On the other side of the coin, I've always said that I'm all in favor of sanctuary cities, as long as they aren't in Texas. LOL. I find it incredible that there are Americans out there who want the majority of criminals flocking to their cities. This is not rocket science.

NOKO: Entire US Senate meets on White House campus regarding Korea?

Charging problem? Supercharger congestion is becoming a huge problem, and getting worse.

Lumber tariffs: perfect. Go, Donald, go.  Canada has refused to work with US on dairy tariffs for decades; Canada currently slaps as much as 292% tariff on dairy products. Trump administration calling Canada out on hypocrisy on "free trade" rhetoric vs reality. [Update: this must have gotten Canadian Trudeau's attention. The premier says he expects "this flap" to be resolved sooner than later. We'll see. Posted April 25, 2017.]

McDonald's: slams earnings. Earns $1.47 vs $1.33. Comps up 1.7%. Even beat on revenues.

Caterpillar: slams earnings. Earns $1.28 vs $0.62.

Go, Trump, Go.

Dupont: slams earnings.

3M: slams earnings.

Confused. CNBC talking head: cognitive dissonance. Trump is president and economy looks incredibly good. How can that be? Things were not supposed to be getting better.

On the other hand: US Steel with a huge loss both on the top line and the bottom line. All that excitement over Trump initiatives to make America great again apparently did not happen fast enough. 

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