Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Political Page, Part II, T+73 -- April 4, 2017

Headline today: fresh evidence Russia "scandal" is a Team Obama operation. Valerie Jarrett lives with Barack and Michelle Obama. I assume Susan Rice lives just down the street, but I could be wrong. If one does a bit of googling, one gets the feeling that the missing piece of everything "political" since June 1, 2016, was Ms Rice.

The story that no one has yet reported: how badly Hillary lost the campaign. First, she had access to the debate questions before the debate (thank you, Donna Brazile) and second, she had access to Trump's telephone conversations for almost the entire campaign (thank you, Mr Obama and Ms Susan Rice). And she still lost. And, of course, the mainstream media was solidly behind Hillary and solidly against Trump. And she still lost.

The second story that is being missed and/or not being reported: Mr Trump must be absolutely squeaky clean. If the entire US intelligence network, including the FBI, was "spying" on Donald Trump all this time (and well before the election) and yet nothing was "leaked" to The New York Times prior to the election that would be noteworthy, tells me that Mr Trump must be absolutely squeaky clean. They couldn't even come up with one fake story from the tapped phone calls, unless it's the "Russians fixed the US presidential election."

Very, very interesting. It must have been very, very exasperating to Mr Obama and Ms Rice that nothing really, really juicy turned up on those surveillance tapes. Wow.


For the first six years of the Obama administration, it seemed the president was constantly fighting the previous president. Everything that "went wrong" was being blamed on Bush II. The name "George W. Bush" seemed to be on the front page as much as the name "Barack Obama" and certainly much more often than "Barack Hussein Obama."

Most interesting, in the first 75 days of the new administration, the name "Barack Obama" is seldom seen on the front page of any newspaper. It took six years for folks to "forget" George W. Bush" after he left office. It looks like even the alt-left (focused on Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton) has already forgotten (after only 75 days) what appears to be a one-off among presidents.

For a narcissist it must be incredibly galling. 

Rising Star

On stage preceding President Trump appearing at the "CEO Town Hall Meeting": Ms Ivanka Trump.

Jared in Iraq.

Melania in NYC.

Ron Reagan on Hardball.

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