Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nothing About The Bakken -- Environmental Landscaping -- April 9, 2017

Nothing about the Bakken. For the archives. Personal interest. Two nice articles in today's Dallas Morning News

First: "The Shape of Things To Come", Mark Lamster, Dallas Morning News, April 9, 2017. Data points:
  • Frederick Law Olmsted
  • father of landscape architecture in the United States
  • arrived in Dallas, 1855
  • his works include
  • Central Park, Manhattan, NYC
  • Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC
  • the Emerald Necklace of Boston
  • White House grounds, Washington, DC
  • Capital grounds, Washington, DC
  • The article comes at a time when there is a movement in Dallas to "re-wild" the Trinity River, to let natural ecologies one again take over the space between the levees. My reading of the tea leaves: Olmsted would have said "no." Or perhaps, "hell, no."
Second: Peter Walker, landscape architect, first recipient of the Richard Brettel Award in the Arts, Dallas Morning News, data points:
  • first recipient of this award
  • $150,000
  • Dallas philanthropist Margaret McDermott, recently celebrated her 105th birthday, donor behind the award
  • Brettel occupies the Margaret M. McDermott chair of art and the aesthetic studies and the Edith O'Donnell distinguished university chair at the University of Texas at Dallas
  • also the art critic at The Dallas Morning News
  • writer considers Walked the dean of American landscape artists; currently active; in his 80s
  • his firm is active worldwide
  • educated at UC-Berkeley; the University of Illinois; and, Harvard University
  • first major work: his firm designed the overall landscape for the incipient Dallas Arts District
  • then, the corporate community of Solana northwest of DFW
  • then, the landscape master plan for the University of Texas at Dallas
  • that led to designing the landscape for Clements University Hospital at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • he has designed a landscape master plan for the University of Texas at Austin
  • his signature landscape: the National September 11 Memorial in New York City
  • others:
    • Barangaroo Reserve Park, Sydney, Australia
    • Sony Headquarters, Berlin
    • Jamison Square, Portland, OR
    • Harvard, Boston, MA
    • Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia
    • Glenstone, Maryland
    • Cleveland Clinic 
  • two immense landscape/architectural environments under construction will crown his storied career
    • the Transbay Transit Square, San Francisco: one block wide, a quarter mile long, and four stories above street level
    • the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore: a five-story circular tropical garden in a totally air-conditioned space inside the airport; for airport travelers to relax

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