Monday, April 3, 2017

"Movie" From A Single Photo -- April 3, 2017

Vern Whitten has sent many, many photos and links to his photos to be posted on the blog. Whenever they get posted, they end up getting "the most hits."

I have a tag at the bottom of the page for Very Whitten if interested in photos he has sent me.

Today he sent me a video with technology I do not understand. His comments:
Here is something rather unique. The 20 second video below was created
using a SINGLE PHOTO:  
The "photo-video" is at this link:
In response to a comment, Mr Whitten replied:
I saw a video that [a Bakken operator] did on one of their multi-well pads a couple years ago.
It was done with a helicopter (expensive) and was only fair quality. I think our method of moving still photos will work great. It's much easier to shoot still photos from an airplane than it is to take video.

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