Friday, April 28, 2017

It's Not How You Start The Race, It's How You Finish The Race, T+97 -- April 28, 2017

With all this focus on his first 100 days, one needs to compare:
  • how much President Trump has accomplished (whether you agree with him or not) in his first 98 days; and, 
  • how much President Obama accomplished in his eight years (only one I can think of and that one is dying on the vine)
With a stretch, one can think of a number of things President Obama accomplished in his eight years but most of those "things" have been undone in the first 100 days of the new administration, to wit President Trump's newest executive order "opening up the Arctic and offshore oceans" to scientific study and exploration.

The real questions today:
  • how much did previous administrations accomplish in four years (Carter) or eight years (Obama)?
  • how much did President Trump accomplish in 100 days?
  • what would President Hillary and VP Bill have accomplished in their first 100 days (I shudder to think)?
  • is President Trump keeping his campaign promises? 
  • is President Trump's focus on making America great or making other countries great at America's expense?
  • is America getting back on track or not?
Those are rhetorical questions; please don't respond. We all have our political differences.

Hillary Vs Tillerson When Cutting Department Staff

Tillerson says he will cut the State Department by 9%. I haven't read the stories. I assume it will mostly be by attrition through retirement which seems a lot more humane than the Hillary method: attrition through the Benghazi method. 

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