Sunday, April 16, 2017

COP Update From Richard Zeits; COP On Path To Becoming A True Independent -- April 16, 2017

From SeekingAlpha:
  • By selling natural gas assets in Canada and San Juan, COP has effectively become an oil-driven operator in North America
  • Very few dry gas assets are left in the company's North American portfolio
  • While a spike in natural gas prices could make the divestitures look under-priced, the divestitures appear to make financial and operational sense
  • Without access to the industry's leading-edge sweet spots – which were scarce in COP's portfolio - competing in natural gas is a recipe for weak returns

Stetsons and Old Spice

From Jacquielynn Floyd's nice article in today's Dallas Morning News, "What's left behind":

At one time in my life my walk-in closet would have looked like that in the photo above. Not any more. My Stetsons (all two of them are elsewhere) and I have long quit using Old Spice.

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