Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Texas Pipeline -- 571-Mile EPP NG Pipeline -- April 10, 2017

It's hard to keep up with all the new pipelines going into Texas, but I believe this is an announcement for a new pipeline. From Oil & Gas Journal, data points:
  • Shin Oak NGL pipeline
  • Enterprise Products Partners (EPP)
  • 571-mile pipeline; NG; 24-inch OD pipeline
  • from Permian Basin to NGL fractionation and storage complex in Mont Belvieu, TX
  • origin: EPP's Hobbs NGL fractionation and storage facility in Gaines County, TX
  • initial design capacity of 250,000 b/d
  • expandable to 600,000 b/d
  • in service in 2Q19
  • will also provide takeaway capacity for three gas processing plants in the Permian Basin
    • two EPP facilities that began service in 2016
    • the Orla I plant scheduled to begin operations 2Q18
Much more at the link.

Meanwhile, No Such Pipeline In New York

Meanwhile, in response to the above, a reader sent me this link reporting that the state of New York has denied, "literally in the 11th hour," the permit for the "Northern Access" pipeline. The pipeline:
Northern Access is a half billion dollar privately-funded natural gas infrastructure expansion investment by Supply and Empire in Western New York and north-central Pennsylvania. The Project is designed to transport domestically-produced natural gas, providing increased reliability to the Western New York natural gas markets, and access to a low-cost source of energy for residential and commercial customers throughout the North American pipeline grid.
The Project also supports new and growing employment at National Fuel and is estimated to increase annual property tax receipts by $11.8 million for four New York counties, with an additional one-time sales tax impact of $6.6 million for the same four counties.
Twelve school districts within those counties will benefit from the annual incremental increase in tax revenue

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