Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Political Page, T+62 -- March 23, 2017

Will the US House vote today on the Ryan-Trump Health Care plan? The GOP needs 23 "no" votes in the US House to stop the RTHCP. Quick poll for today:
  • yes: 26%
  • no: 74%
Previous poll: who will you miss most --
  • Chuck Barris (Gong Show): 100%
  • Barack Obama (Never-Ending Apology Tour): 0%
Did Hillary and Rex have same email manager? Exxon admits it lost up to a full year's worth of "global change" emails. Who will be the first to blame Russia?

Best quote of the day, from Karl Rove, on Gorsuch:
Three days being questioned by midgets.
Katie from London. Blind. Deaf. Dumb

Later: The US House Will NOT Vote On The R-T HCP Today

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