Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Political Page, T+61 -- March 22, 2017

Double-down again. It looks like Trump can double-down again -- it is very, very clear that he was correct, that, in fact, he and his family were under surveillance after the election. Even Bloomberg is reporting it, though trying to downplay it as much as possible. But this story will have legs. We now know that the conversations of Trump and/or his family were picked up by (most likely) the NSA. 

Really? Maybe now the courts will understand why Trump wanted some time to more seriously vet folks coming from certain countries. Nope. Not gonna happen. Terror attack on British parliament reported.

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Poll. New poll at the sidebar at the right. A big "thank you" to a reader for suggesting it.

NOKO: people are asking -- did NSA sabotage NOKO's missile on the launchpad?

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