Friday, March 24, 2017

NCAA March Madness -- Sweet Sixteen -- March 24, 2017

Obviously this page was updated as the NCAA championship rolled along.

Last night (sweet sixteen): some close games but this was the stunner: Xavier (seeded 11th) took down Arizona (seeded 2nd), 73 - 71. At one point, late in the second, I think Arizona had a 7-point lead. One wonders whether a 3-point attempt at the end for the win was a better shot selection than a 2-point for the tie.

The other surprise, I suppose, to some extent, was how easily South Carolina beat Baylor.

Tonight (sweet sixteen):
  • North Carolina: easy win over Butler.
  • South Carolina (#7): easy win over Baylor (#3). 
  • Now, a #3 (UCLA) vs a #2 (Kentucky).
  • And, Wisconsin, #8, vs Florida, #4 -- but of course, the story here was Wisconsin beating the overall #1 Villanova to advance to the Sweet 16.  Wow, that was an incredible game.
Weekend (March 25/26) -- Elite Eight
  • Xavier (11) vs Gonzaga (1) [Later: Gonzaga rolls over Xavier; embarrassing.]
  • Kansas (1) vs Oregon (3) [Later: one more reason it's called March Madness. Incredible.]
  • S Carolina (7) vs FL (4)
  • N Carolina (1) vs KY (2)
Final Four:
  • South Carolina (7) vs Gonzaga (1)
  • Oregon (3) vs UNC (1)

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