Saturday, March 25, 2017

At 49 Active Rigs -- March 25, 2017

Active rigs:

Active Rigs493298198186

Photo Of The Month (Category: Non-Bakken)

Regular readers know my fascination with Netflix. It was, I think, the first thing I blogged about over at "The Next Big Thing" many years ago. So, when I saw the link (over at The WSJ), I was eager to read the story. But what really blew me away was the photograph:

It's all Apple!

Life Is Good

Everybody is elsewhere.

I'm home alone for three wonderful hours.

NASCAR! What a finish! Larson - Logano - Kyle Busch.

Xavier vs Gonzaga. It looks like the end of the line for this Cinderella.

An e-mail that says our granddaughter Olivia's soccer team won! Whoohoo!

That means they will all be home soon. But it's an hour's drive. Everybody is elsewhere; lovin' my man-cave.

Man-cave. NCAA March Madness on the "big screen"; Wait Until Dark streaming on the computer in the background; and listening to YouTube music (Waylon Jennings).

Beverage and large helping of edamame. Edamame is my favorite snack. Incredibly easy. Frozen edamame. Boil water on stove -- set timer for five minutes. Fix drink. Boil frozen edamame for five minutes. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Enjoy. Half a package of edamame every day. No calories but probably too much salt. (By the way: one of my rules -- whenever I put anything on the stove, I set a timer that will ring in "x" number of minutes so I don't forget that I've turned the stove on. I use kitchen times for a lot of things.)

WSJ, print edition, links to follow later, if the spirit moves me:
Uploaded "Adobe Flash" on May's new computer so she can stream live television; easy-peasy; 45 seconds.

Updated BR's Bullrush - Haymaker wells

YouTube interview with Johnny Cash. These songs were all heard for the first time on one occasion at Johnny Cash's home in January, 1969:
  • Shel Silverstein: A Boy Named Sue
  • Bob Dylan: Lay Lady Lay
  • Kris Kristofferson: Me and Bobby McGee
  • Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now
  • Graham Nash: Marrakesh Express
Earlier today: almost 3-y/o Sophia on the iPad on the bed in the man-cave. Only a very select few are invited to enter the man-cave. Sophia is one of the select few.

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