Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday NIght, Energy And Market, T+37 -- February 26, 2017

No wells coming off confidential list Monday. On March 1, 2017, nine (9) wells will come off the confidential list. But right now, the NDIC site shows no wells coming off the confidential list between then and now, unless they were taken off earlier for some reason. We will know tomorrow.

Active rigs:

Active Rigs4038121193183

Market: after eleven consecutive record-setting days as of Friday, Dow futures are down all of 11 points. Of course, futures "mean squat." David Stockman says the day of reckoning is March 15th. Google it, if interested.

Earnings: EOG reports Monday after market closes.

A Note To The Granddaughters

Wow, what a great day with a lot of moving parts.

Sophia: age 2 1/2 years old -- soccer practice. She did quite well; she "plays" up. She practices with the four-year-olds.

Arianna: received her scores on science regional test she took yesterday. She qualified for "State" testing.

Arianna: 13 years old -- water polo tournament today -- her team had two games today -- both of them again their arch nemesis, St Marks -- an all-boys school in Dallas. St Marks fields several boys teams at various levels of play. Arianna's mixed girls-boys team beat St Marks in both games. The first, 13 - 3; the second, 17:9. A huge improvement over last year when Arianna's team usually lost. Historically our team does better as the team becomes older: the all-boys teams start to lose their inherent advantage as our boys and our girls get bigger and stronger.

Arianna: her flute ensemble received a "first division" medal over the weekend. 

Olivia: 10 years old -- Olympic Development Program -- what can I say? I am incredibly impressed. She plays "up" -- and is one of the better players. The practice fields this time of year are about 50 miles away for us. I thought we had a long drive. But I was talking to a father / coach who had a daughter in the highly competitive training program -- they were from Midland, TX, 355 miles west and a 5-hour trip. They (and several members of their league) drove five hours for a two-hour practice. This will go on throughout the spring. Texans take their sports very, very seriously.

We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. Olivia got out her "log book" and recorded what she learned, etc. Students are required to maintain a log. Coaches from across Texas show up at these ODP practices scouting players for their teams. It's a phenomenon I had not seen before.

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