Saturday, February 25, 2017

Great News! More Than Enough Water In The West To Frack All "We" Want -- February 25, 2017

Apparently -- at least this is what I'm being told -- on November 9, 2016, when President-elect Trump was putting his schedule together with whom he planned to meet, he put several military generals, a couple of billionaire CEOs, and God at the head of the line.

God asked Trump if HE could have a few days before visiting the gold towers. HE had some work to do.

It turns out that God, too, had thought Hillary was going to win. HE was not happy and hoped to "rain on her parade." HE commanded the heavens to start raining and records are now being set.

Current snowpack in the western United States.

God asked Trump if they still needed to meet, and Trump said, "Nope, got all the rain we need for fracking. Thanks."

God is apparently now working with "Bibi" on a one-state solution.

And so it goes.

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