Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two More Trump Nominees Approved By A Landslide -- January 31, 2017

Interior Department, Ryan Zinke, 16 - 6.
Energy Department, Rick Perry, 16 - 7.

I would mention this to my wife, that Rick Perry was approved by the committee, but I look forward to living a few more years. I am unable to think of one person my wife detests more than Rick Perry. Maybe Vladimir Putin, but it would be close.

Enterprise To Build iBDH Plant In Mont Belvieu

First reported at the blog back in 2013

So what's an iBDH plant? Data points:
  • a new isobutene dehydrogenation unit
  • Enterprise will also start operations of a new propane dehydrogenation unit dur 2Q16
  • the new iBDH plant: 425,000 tons/year of isobutylene
  • isobutylene: provides feedstock to fill underutilized capacity at Enterprise's exisitng octane enhancement and petrochemical facilities
  • isobutylene: feedstock for lubricants, rubber products, alkylate for gasolien blendstock as well as methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) for export
  • MTBE banned in the US
Meanwhile, Prince Salman's plan dithers and withers waiting for financing.

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