Monday, January 23, 2017

Rigs Steady At 38 -- January 23, 2017

Lost a huge bet: I was sure Rex Tillerson would go down to defeat, or at best, 51 - 50 with VP Pence casting the deciding vote. But now I hear Marco Rubio has decided to vote to confirm Tillerson; Lindsey Graham and John McCain had indicated earlier they, too, would vote to confirm.

Abu Dhabi feeling the heat: will merge two state funds into one; one $125 billion investment fund. 

Kroger Supermarket: one of our favorite supermarkets here in Texas -- unfortunately there is no Kroger's near where we live. This is incredibly good news. From Reuters: Kroger will add 10,000 permanent posts. Hopefully this means they may add some stores.

Executive orders:
  • shut the door on negotiating Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • re-negotiate NAFTA   
  • hiring freeze except for military
  • "Mexico City" order -- to defund International Planned Parenthood
Snowpack in California: link here. Great news for the Kennedys if they want to go skiing. Percent of normal for this date:
  • north: 143%
  • central: 168%
  • south: 197%
  • statewide: 168%
Back To The Bakken

Active rigs:

Active Rigs3847157189190

RBN Energy: RBN's steam cracker feedstock model and its uses.

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