Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Road To New England In Real Time In Five-Minute Intervals -- December 8, 2016

A reader brought this site to my attention. Or google "ISO Express" -- it should be the second hit -- go to "ISO New England: real-time maps and charts."

If you want to see "spot prices" for electricity in the Northeast, go to that site.

It seems the hourly LMP graph might be most interesting (you can set it for any date) but the "five-minute real-time LMP graph just below it to the left is even more interesting. The "average" cost is about $30/MWh but overnight -- looking at the 5-minute graph -- the cost spiked to over $200/MWH just before 6:00 am.

As the reader mentioned to me, it will be interesting to watch the spike next week when the next Arctic spell hits the northeast.

Since we didn't see any Drudge Report linked to this site, apparently folks don't get excited until the spikes are well above $250/MWh.

A huge "thank you" to the reader who sent me this. It should provide hours of fun on cold, dark nights this winter. In fact, I can this turning into a real drinking game, betting how high the spikes will be during the next cold snap.

Many, many graphs at the site; don't forget to check out the "fuel mix" site.

Curious How The Jill Stein Scam Works?

Time magazine tells you.

One should have noted it was a scam as soon as she started increasing the money-goal she said she needed. Initially she said she needed $2.5 million, but as the money rolled in, she raised the amount she said she needed -- in fact, there seemed to be a linear relationship between how fast money was rolling in and how fast she would raise her goal.

When internal algorithms suggested she was nearing the top of the scam, she begged poverty, saying she could not continue with the recalls because she did not have enough money -- though the released figures suggested otherwise. The amount of money not spent will probably pay expenses for her and her staff, as lawyerly billing hour-fees, let's say a conservative $200/hour, plus great per diem expenses. Just saying.

Curious About Oil Shale Vs Shale Oil?

Outrun Change will help you out. What peak oil?

The Weather Page

I don't recall the Polar Vortex of January, 2014, but it must have been a big, big deal -- it has its own wiki page. Some meteorologists are talking about a similar event as early as next week. Based on what we've had so far, this wouldn't surprise me.

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