Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Way Behind -- November 15, 2016

To say the least, I am overwhelmed. It will take me some time to get caught up. Some thoughts about the blog:
  • it remains a "Bakken" blog but there are fewer stories for me to post on the Bakken for two reasons
    • the Bakken is a bit quieter right now than during the boom
    • the purpose for the Bakken blog was to help me understand the Bakken better; that goal has been achieved to a large extent
  • remember, the "Bakken" is three things to me
    • the geological footprint
    • the public-private partnership developed in North Dakota that was vital for the boom to succeed
    • the metonym: the "Bakken" is a metonym for the US onshore fracking industry, as mostly related to crude oil; I'm not sure if there is a different metonym for the US onshore fracking industry mostly related to natural gas
  • I generally don't post updates on DAPL; for now, it's dead
  • I love to "connect dots"
  • music often keeps me going
  • there will be fewer and fewer items related to the Obama administration; I've already removed the countdown; removed other links from the sidebar; the Obama story is now shifting to the Trump story
  • there will be fewer and fewer items related to global warming / climate change
  • items on the Mideast? I don't know
  • short term: the shift to a Trump presidency
  • little interest in political infighting
  • little interest in healthcare
  • little interest in trade war stories
  • very interested in immigration stories, but won't post much on them
  • still interested in "tectonic changes" in practical (not theoretical) technology 
  • may return to my roots with more stories on North Dakota pride 
  • I'm really excited to see what the "Fargo guy" and the ex-Watford City mayor have in store for North Dakota as governor-elect and lt-gov-elect
  • perhaps more on books I am reading, again to help me put the Trump revolution in perspective
Immediately In Front Of Me

I will take a break from blogging to peruse the following for a few hours.
  • The November 14, 2016 issue of The New Yorker -- the first since the election; the front cover is priceless. I can't wait to read "The Talk Of The Town"
  • The Witches: Salem, 1692, Stacy Schiff, c. 2015, DDS: 974.4SCh
  • The Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill, Candice Millard, c. 2016; DDS: 968MIL
  • The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America, Susan Faludi, c. 2007, DDS: 306.2FAL
I started reading The Witches at the library in September, 2016. Sometime in October it was no longer on the shelves at either of the two libraries where I read. But now that Halloween has passed, I see that Witches is back on the shelves in one of the libraries.

Faludi's book has a section on the Salem witch trials; that's the reason for that book. Along that line I want to read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States but it's not at this library; it will be at the other library.

The Roanoke book I was reading has been checked out I will replace it with the Winston Churchill book until the Roanoke book shows up again.

So, The New Yorker:
  • so-so issue
  • no Trump cartoons
  • Jeffrey Toobin in "Talk of the Town" still does not "get it" and that's why I will now love The New Yorker and may even re-subscribe; I cancelled my subscription earlier this year due to it becoming nothing more than a mouthpiece for Hillary
  • the cartoons were okay, but not up to The New Yorker standard
  • perhaps the best snippet (The New Yorker used to do a lot of these fillers; now they are as rare as hen's teeth):
"Walmart has recalled a donkey meat product from some Chinese stores after tests found it had traces of fox meat, the retailer said Thursday."


  1. The story line that may come to pass is unexpected additional demand for oil from Trump economic policies. Commodities are already rising. How will EIA revise future consumption based on the new expected normal. Regardless, worldwide there are many million additional barrels that can be brought on-line (especially here) the question is how quick and at what price.

    1. One more reason why I am not in favor of "trade wars" among nations regarding oil. The Keystone pipeline -- with regard to the Bakken -- does not worry me. My hunch is that the Keystone pipeline, carrying heavy oil, would actually benefit the Bakken play.

      But back to your point: there are so many issues at play here. I can't even begin. The dollar has gotten incredibly stronger over the past couple of days and that may have a bigger short-term effect than anything else.

      The tea leaves suggest that wind and solar are dead; something will take its place. In the US it won't be coal, and it won't be nuclear -- economically, natural gas is the better deal. So, demand for natural gas continues to grow, as it is growing globally.

      The demand for plastics, apparently, is really, really growing. Blogged about that yesterday.