Thursday, November 17, 2016

T+9: The Market -- Another "Up" Day; Update On The Russian Northern Fleet -- November 17, 2016

The Russian Northern Fleet: the tug is back out in the Mediterranean next to the a/c carrier. The last ping was five minutes ago. In the Mediterranean south of Adana, Turkey, home of Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, the major US Air Force installation in Turkey.  [Posted at 7:43 p.m. Central Time, November 17, 2016.]

The Cabinet

No one knows yet if Trump will nominate Mitt Romney as the next Secretary of State (I hope he does) but it speaks volumes that he's considering him. If you look past all the mainstream media mindlessness, one sees a method to his madness (one also sees the "magic hand" of his son Don, Jr., in the background).

I don't know if folks have noticed, but Rush Limbaugh seldom gets "lower" than presidential politics. He will get to Senate and House leadership (Reid and Pelosi) but that's as "low as he gets." Rush really keeps the discussion at the highest levels.

Likewise, it appears that Trump is really keeping his nominations at the very highest level. He's not picking losers (Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson,  Chris Christie). The closest he comes to picking a loser, is looking at Mitt Romney, but unlike the others, Mitt was the GOP nominee. I really hope Romney is selected as SecState. What an inspired choice! Again, hints of Don, Jr., in the background.

The Market

The Dow 30 has now been "up" six out of seven days; yesterday was the only one of the seven days following the election of Donald Trump was the market down. Today, the Dow 30 closed at 18,903, less than a hundred points from 19,000. WTI at $45.66, down slightly.

Gasoline Demand

Not sure what to make of this but it certainly tracks the job data today -- the surprising drop in first time claims for unemployment insurance. For an earlier discussion on gasoline demand, click here.

Note the sudden drop in gasoline demand the past few weeks, only to a show a surprising jump this past week. This is data for week ending 11/11/16, so it includes the wild finish to the Clinton-Trump presidential election on 11/8/16.

Midnight In Paris

Link here.

So many great scenes. Every time I watch it, I see something new........

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