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Just A Bit Of Hemingway Trivia -- And The Williston, ND, Connection -- November 19, 2016


November 20, 2016: Reason #1 why I love to blog! Feedback from readers; "first source" information. A reader wrote to tell me that Teddy Jo Paulson, mentioned below, graduated from WHS in 1954. The reader lives outside of North Dakota but her grandparents homesteaded in two of the townships mentioned often in the Bakken.
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1959: "the dangerous summer" -- Pamplona -- bull-fighting -- Ernest Hemingway.

Sources suggest Teddy Jo Paulson graduated from Williston, ND, high school, the previous year, 1958 (1954, see update above).

From Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir, A. E. Hoetchner, first published in 1966.

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Anyone Who Had A Heart, Cilla Black

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