Monday, November 14, 2016

It's Already Starting -- November 14, 2016

My wife is Hispanic-Japanese. She does not look like Trump's America. At least that's what she tells me. Today, she flew to Portland, OR, to visit our daughter there. For the past five days she has been obsessing about whether she would need her passport to get back to Texas when she returns (?) a week from now. I reassured her that a state cannot secede from the union that quickly. She probably should not have asked the TSA agent whether she would need her passport or whether the credit-card-like passport card would be sufficient when returning from Oregon next week.

She was taken out of the security line at the airport and subjected to an extra-special TSA security pat down. In addition, x-ray scanning of her carry-on alerted the technician which resulted in further scrutiny. Apparently the wet wipes look like suspicious items when scanned.

I was watching all this from quite a distance outside the security area. It reminded me of the time my grandfather, father, and I, an eighth grader, were searched leaving West Berlin, on our car trip through East Germany. 

Once to her gate, she found herself surrounded by Trump deplorables.

I just received an e-mail note from her. She has arrived safely in Portland, raving about how wonderful Alaska Airlines is compared to Spirit Airlines, her go-to airline when she flies to Los Angeles.

She did not say whether she plans to return to Texas next week as scheduled. In a follow-up e-mail she wrote: "Those TDA (sic) agents, though were polite & personable, unlike at Spirit."

My hunch is she is paranoid that her e-mail is being monitored.


The graphic at the link might be photo-shopped. Link here

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