Friday, October 14, 2016

The Obama Answer To The Expensive EpiPen Debacle -- Cuba! -- October 14, 2016

This is the key paragraph in the Huffington Post article:
Some of the island’s drugs may face hurdles entering the U.S. market, however, because the Cuban government has disregarded international patents in order to make generics widely available and keep costs down. 
Who would have guessed?
The changes promise to boost Cuba’s health care system ― which is lauded throughout Latin America for its preventative care and held up as one of the socialist revolution’s greatest achievements by the Castro government.
The island’s pharmaceutical industry has also made major advancements ― including developing the vaccine CimaVax, which impedes the growth of cancer cells, and Heberprot-P, which treats diabetic foot ulcers. Cuba has patented some 400 drugs, according to the NACLA Report on the Americas.
Drugs, rum, and cigars. What's not to like. 

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