Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obama Administration: Fairly Modest Annual Income In The US Works Out To $12/Hour -- October 25, 2016

ObamaCare premiums will more than double in Arizona. But what amazes me is this:
But HHS said if that hypothetical consumer has a fairly modest income, making $25,000 a year, the subsidies would cover $280 of the new premium, and the consumer would pay $142. Caveat: if the consumer is making $30,000 or $40,000, his or her subsidy would be significantly lower.
Poverty definition by same HHS:  family of four: $24,205.

So, a moderate income in the US, as defined by HHS, is also "poverty."

Let them eat cake. A "fairly modest income" in the US is now defined as $25,000 / year.

Let's do the math. $25,000 / year. Divided by 52 weeks = $480/week. Divided by 40 hours = $12 / hours. Easy.

If $12/hour equates to a "fairly modest income," no wonder "they" want $15/hour -- they would feel like millionaires -- but no longer eligible for ObamaCare "help." 


The Obama Legacy.

For those who have forgotten the vote.

I used to give some folks the benefit of the doubt regarding ObamaCare. No more. If you still support ObamaCare you are either brain dead or not paying attention.

GOP needs to run, not walk, away from this in 2017. ObamaCare will die on the vine. Big Pharma and Big Health will sort it out. At $600/EpiPen.

The JV Team Now Controls More Of Iraq

Link here.


The Obama Legacy.

US Leaves The World Stage Under President Obama

Great Britain to fill the gap.
The U.K. said it would deploy tanks and drones alongside 800 troops in Eastern Europe, the first of several expected moves by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to help counter growing fears about Russia in the region.
The U.K. troops will deploy next spring and be joined in Estonia by forces from France and Denmark, said Michael Fallon, the British defense secretary said. The force, he said, will likely include tactical drones, Challenger 2 main battle tanks and Warrior armored infantry fighting vehicles.
Meanwhile, in the Mideast, the Russians will establish their first-ever permanent naval station, large enough to handle their entire Northern Fleet. 

The Cold War is back. Ronald Reagan is rolling over; he can't watch.


The Obama Legacy.

Last military salute for Barack: less than 87 days.

Back To Coal

From IER.
Many of France’s nuclear units are down for inspection. As a result, coal and natural gas generation has more than doubled. Last month, generation from fossil fuels was the highest in 32 years in France and nuclear generation was the lowest since 1998.
As a result, French month-ahead power prices escalated to near the highest levels since 2009.
Germany is replacing its nuclear units with renewable energy (wind and solar) as part of its energy transition, the so-called Energiewende. It is using mainly coal to back-up its intermittent renewable energy and as a result, it has increased its coal-fired generation.
Due to the higher cost of wind and solar units, residential electricity prices in Germany have escalated and are 3 times that of the United States.
Apple Cash

A record: more than a quarter trillion dollars.

The Perfect "Teen Cave"

When I was growing up in Williston, North Dakota, we called this a "basement."

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