Friday, October 21, 2016

Nothing About The Bakken -- October 21, 2016

This is why there was so little blogging today. Sophia and I went out to explore the local creeks. We had planned to feed the turtles, but it appears the turtles are already hibernating. We did not find any. That's why Sophia is munching on the white bread that we had brought for the turtles. Thank goodness for good ol' American white bread preservatives: this bread was at least three weeks old and it was as good as new -- at least in terms of no mold. LOL.

Sophia is in her new "Wellies" -- short for Wellingtons -- the classic "mudders" used in England and Scotland.

Sophia and I are clearly best friends. The bank down to the creek is incredibly steep. It is amazing how well she and I worked together to get down the embankment, carrying our picnic lunch, our change of clothing (assuming one of us would fall into the creek), the camera, etc. In fact, as we slid down the embankment, with Sophia in my arms, she grabbed our bag -- something I would have missed. (I think she was worried about losing the picnic lunch.) She is so incredibly observant; she's an extra set of eyes for me.

I will really miss these days years from now.


I"m watching an old "Bourne" movie. It is interesting that right now there is a scene in which Jason is running/jogging in an effort to forget the past. I remember doing the same thing some years ago in Florida. I would run miles trying to forget old memories. Some memories just won't die.

Some Memories Just Won't Die, Marty Robbins

In addition to singing, Marty Robbins loved to race automobiles. This Sunday, an elimination race in Talladega, Alabama -- the field will go from twelve drivers to eight, I will be watching.

The "Jason Bourne" Movies

These movies really bring back memories of my eight years with Air Intelligence Agency (AIA) and our interaction with NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. In hindsight, it is amazing how many folks gave up their entire lives / their personal lives for something much bigger. It is impossible to explain -- I never understood it -- why there are guys are like "Jason Bourne" but there really are. I spent very little time with "special forces" when I was overseas -- flying covertly into foreign bases under darkness, landing at foreign air bases, dropping off "special forces" personnel and then departing on the C-130 without the host nation even knowing we had landed on their runway and departed.

There is so much that needs blogging; I don't know, emotionally, if I can get to it tonight.

Speaking of which, I asked my wife if she had read Dante's Inferno in high school or college; she is better read than I am. I assume she had; I was wrong. She has not read Dante's Inferno.

I have finally gotten around to reading Dante's Inferno. I am blown away. It is quite incredible. Again, this is another piece of literature that should not be assigned to students in high school or college. It only "hits home" when one has come of age, has real-life experiences that can be related to such great works.

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