Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chipotle Profits Plunge 95% -- Wanna Get Away? -- October 25, 2016

The burrito chain on Tuesday reported same-store sales fell a worse-than-expected 21.9% in the third quarter. Analysts were anticipating a drop of 18.7%. Profit fell 95% in the quarter. Still, the decline marks a recovery from prior months, including its steepest sales decline in January, when same-store sales fell 36.4%.

Their Problem: No One Believes Them

Scientists say Antarctic ice shelves melting.

The same scientists that told us we would be seeing more hurricanes -- they said that eleven years ago. We've now gone a record eleven years without a major hurricane hitting the US despite rising CO2.

Crying wolf one too many times.

There Has To Be A Statute Of Limitations

This happened ten years ago. Can you imagine all the IRS forms that would need to be re-completed. This is government run amok.
Mr. Carter didn’t spell out how officials would resolve the problem. During the early 2000s, the California National Guard awarded thousands of soldiers with bonuses to persuade them to re-enlist, as the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan drove demand for military manpower and strained U.S. military forces.

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