Sunday, September 4, 2016

Monday Morning Sports Talk -- Unranked Texas Beats #9 Notre Dame -- September 4, 2016

It took two overtime periods but ... and Texas wins!

Behind freshman quarterback Shane Buechele. Truly incredible. Last year Shane was playing high school football in Arlington.

Hanjin Bankruptcy 

Huge economic threat to Los Angeles / Long Beach ports.
Politicians gathered at the Port of Long Beach on Sunday to call for the flow of cargo to Southern California to resume, days after the bankruptcy of one of the world’s largest shipping lines disrupted the global supply chain. 
Officials said the collapse of South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co., which declared bankruptcy Wednesday, threatened local union workers’ jobs and merchants’ access to goods at a crucial time, just before the holiday season.
Because Hanjin, the world’s seventh-largest shipping line, cannot pay ports and terminals to unload, ships filled with merchandise have sat idle for days. As of Sunday, officials said one massive container ship was still drifting 50 miles south of the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports; another ship was anchored at the Port of Long Beach, inside the breakwater; a third was anchored outside the harbor.
I remember the unions shutting down the ports for increased pay saying that their six-figure salaries were not adequate. Just saying.

Folks Still Don't Understand ObamaCare, Health Insurance, Or Insurance, In General

The fact that this "story line" is still being reported tells me that folks don't understand the TrainWreck, ObamaCare, health insurance, or insurance, in general.
Paul Vondra is just the sort of person the architects of Obamacare had in mind.
The 59-year-old Bellevue resident is a temporary worker contracted through a New Jersey agency to work as a mail clerk for a major local bank. He doesn’t own a car, so he bikes each day to his job in the Strip District.
His agency has offered him a choice of two Affordable Care Act-approved marketplace plans. But Mr. Vondra, who makes less than $25,000 annually and has no dependents, said the cheapest plan carries a monthly premium of $165, or $800 a year, and a yearly deductible of $2,500.
Also, the plan’s co-insurance — the amount he would be responsible for after he has met his deductible — is $4,500, while out-of-pocket hospital costs are capped at $10,000.
“It might as well be $10 million,” he said.
My heart goes out to the Paul Vondras of the world, but the Paul Vondras will still vote for Hillary who will promise them she will fix ObamaCare. 

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