Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday News And Comment -- Nothing About The Bakken -- August 15, 2016 -- In Progress

Over at "The Doomsday Chronicles" I have a link to "US Cities." Most of them involve bankruptcies, but not all. With folks burning down their own city over the weekend, I was curious if Milwaukee was on the list. Yup; a little over a year ago, at this post.

Headlines In Today's Wall Street Journal

Milwaukee works to contain unrest. National Guard activated. At least six businesses set on fire; three destroyed.

US Olympic swimmers robbed at gunpoint in Rio; security debate grows. Robbery only; no hint of worse.

Target struggles to freshen groceries. Folks don't go to Target often enough; fresh produce spoils before customers return.

Home Depot and Lowe's "fend off" Amazon.

Google's fiber plans stall. High-speed internet provider considers wireless technology as cables prove costly.

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