Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Minor Notes, June 15, 2016

The Director's Cut and monthly production statistics will require some time to digest. I probably won't get to them until later this evening.

I have a few free minutes before I pick up Sophia. I see the market turned negative at the end of the day; I didn't hear what analysts said. My hunch: a) if Yellen is worried, traders should be worried; and, b) Brexit.

But even so, today there were 93 new 52-week highs on the NYSE and only 9 issues hitting new lows. Hitting new highs include: ATT (this is quite remarkable for any number of reasons; especially coming in the same week as news of "net neutrality"); Allete (again, again, and again); Duke Energy (again, safe haven; as I suppose ATT is, also); NextEra Energy (again).

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Einstein's theory is confirmed again: scientists detect gravitational waves for second time.

Wow! Novel ideal: bipartisan support grows to restrict gun sales for those on terror-watch lists. Really? This hasn't already been done? Where has the president been on this one?

If the EgyptAir airliner did not sustain a mid-air explosion, and the plane went into an uncontrolled stall after a 360-degree turn, are we looking at another pilot suicide?

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