Wednesday, March 2, 2016

North Dakota Job Watch -- March 2, 2016

From SayAnythingBlog
For instance, job openings are down. “Openings were higher by 0.5 percent (+62) from the prior month but 23.1 percent lower (-4,076) than the same month one year ago,” the report states.
But, the 13,599 job openings reported was still higher than the 9,955 active resumes recorded by Job Service.
Almost 14,000 job openings; less than 10,000 active resumes recorded by Job Service.  Much, much more at the link.

Dream Ticket
Modeled After The NDIC
When Hillary is coronated at the DNC convention and the GOP establishment does an end around Trump at a brokered GOP convention, instead of Trump running as an independent, and this instead, the dream ticket, a ticket that truly brings the country together:

Co-presidency: Hillary and Trump. Hillary is POTUS the first two years; Trump is POTUS the second two years. When not serving as POTUS, serving as VPOTUS. Or vice versa; coin flip decides.

Hillary runs international affairs; with all her experience as SecState, she would be perfect. She already has the server and the e-mail addresses of her overseas counterparts.

Trump runs domestic economic affairs: turn every American into a millionaire.

Those two plus a tie-breaker (Bill Clinton) run policy, federal appointment (including Supreme Court justices), health care, women's issues, #black lives matter, and the VA.

Trump in charge of building that wall.

Hillary in charge of digging tunnels.

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