Monday, March 14, 2016

Minor Housekeeping Note: QEP Wells Coming Off Confidential List Last Week Now Updated, Posted -- March 14, 2016

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As Noted

Yes, here it is. Last night just before signing off for the night, I said that we would see Japan core machinery orders for January surge to 15%. And here's the report this morning:
Japanese core machinery orders jumped 15% in January, the second straight month of increase, the government said Monday, despite lingering concern about the slowing Chinese economy.
The rise in core orders--a leading indicator of business investment--was better than a 2.7% increase expected by economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal and the Nikkei.
This is not trivial. This is the third month in a row that Japan has reported huge (and unexpected) increases in core machinery orders. And, note, again. the 15% this most recent month far exceeded the expected 2.7%. One wonders how much this has to do with Japan's energy story: their nuclear energy program is in shambles. By the way, what are shambles? The word has an interesting "history." Sort of reminds me of the "history" of "bedlam."

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