Sunday, March 13, 2016

In Too Deep -- Off The Net For Awhile

A reader mentioned an earlier video of Sophia in her new wading boots. That reminded me that I had not put up the most recent video of her wading experience.

This video is only 22 seconds long but it shows you how quickly Sophia can get herself into deep water (pun intended) -- LOL.

I put her wading boots on and then went to get the camera. When I looked up she had wandered from an area of almost no water and then into an area that was fine, but then she walked to the bottom of a slide, where the "hole" was much deeper.....she froze and I had to go in and get her. Remarkably, no water got into her wading boots; she probably had a quarter-inch to spare.

On the other hand, because I did not have wading boots on, my shoes were soaked up to my ankles.

In Too Deep

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