Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Apparently The Science Is Not Settled -- February 3, 2016

Overheard in McDonald's, Salina, KS: regardless of how the Presidential election turns out, Americans will be paying for Hillary Clinton's housing and living expenses starting next year: either in the White House, or Leavenworth, Kansas. The only thing protecting her from Leavenworth right now is her possible election; but, if not elected, all bets are off.

The Science, Apparently, Is Not Settled

Why calling 2015 the "warmest year in history" is problematic -- a great essay in The Daily SignalArchived.

Measuring global temperatures: satellites or thermometers? -- perhaps one of the most balanced, informational short essays I've read in a long time. Over at Archived.

Five Groups Who Can Still Use Valuable Social Security Strategies

The Wall Street Journal posted this list of the five groups. There were two huge strategies that President Obama eliminated which, I have to agree, in the "spirit of the law," that one can argue these strategies never should have existed.

I think it would have been much better to retain the strategies, but on a "means tested" basis.


The great news is this: I was completely unaware of one of the two strategies. And I am in the group that will retain "access" to that strategy. It's incredible, some days, how things work out. 

There were (and are) so many different ways to tap into social security benefits.

I wonder if Bernie would have eliminated the two strategies that President Obama eliminated. I heard him on Charlie Rose last night. Ayn Rand is rolling in her grave. RIP.

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