Sunday, January 31, 2016

No New Permits Were Issued In North Dakota On The Last Business Day Of January, 2016

No new permits were recorded on the last full business day of January, 2016.

Four (4) Whiting P Earl Rennerfeldt wells were approved for "tight hole" status. The Rennerfeldt wells are in Stockyard Creek, oil field, Williams County, east of Williston.

Whiting canceled three (3) permits, including:
  • one Schilke permit in McKenzie County,
  • two Beaver Creek State permits in Golden Valley County
Twenty (20) permits were renewed, including:
  • EOG, 9: six (6) Sidonia permits in McKenzie County; three (3) Liberty LR permits in Mountrail County
  • QEP, 5, all Tipi V permits in Mountrail County; we talked about the Tipi V wells in Spotted Horn oil field just a couple of days ago; 
  • Sinclair Oil and Gas, 2, both Ersa Federal permits in McKenzie County
  • Whiting, 2, both Charging Eagle permits in Dunn County
  • Emerald Oil, 2, a Harry Dunne permit in Stark County, and a Robert The Bruce permit in McKenzie County (just for the fun of it, readers may want to google "Harry Dunne")
There was one (1) producing well reported as completed:
  • 29795, 1,283, BR, Morgan 24-21TFH, Pershing, in the target 94% of the time; above the drilling target 6% of the time; low background, and minimal flare; API 33-053-06403; FracFocus shows this well fracked 11/9-11/15, but no frack data at the well file report yet; according to FracFocus, 1.728 million gallons of water; back-of-envelope - 14,424,764 pounds of water; water accounted for 90.57% of total fracking fluid; total fracking weight, 15,926,344 lbs; sand was 6.28% of total weight or 1 million lbs; another 3.4% (or about 500,000 lbs) of corundum/mullite was used; if 30 stages, that's only about 50,000 lbs/stage; t1/16; cum 818 bbls in 7 days; the back-of-the envelope calculations are probably close based on data from the sister well (#29797):
  • 29797, 2,084, BR, Morgan 24-21MBH, t12/15 cum -- ; 2.549 million lbs of water; the water represented 83% of the fracking fluid weight; the amount of sand was 11% of the total weight; and corundum/mullite represented 6% of the total fracking fluid weight; according to the sundry form, this sister well was fracked with 4 million lbs of sand, in 35 stages.
Triangle USA temporarily abandoned four wells, two State wells in Williams County and two Larsen wells, also in Williams County. 

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