Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Poll Results; New Poll -- October 28, 2015

New poll is up: what accounts for the surge in oil prices today? Same choices as before plus two more based on reader feedback from this poll some weeks ago. After several days of falling a percent or two each day, the TV crawler for WTI shows a 6% surge in the price of oil today. [October 31, 2015: Reuters says it is due to another decline in the number of rig counts.]

This poll is closed: will Congress raise the debt limit by November 5, 2015?
  • Yes: 79%
  • No: 21%
It looks like the deal has been done; just a matter of some votes and a signature. But it appears a two-year budget has been agreed to and an agreement to raid the debt ceiling.

A Note to the Granddaughters

The other day I mentioned that this month's issue of Texas Monthly published the top 25 BBQ joints in Texas. One is actually located here in Grapevine: Meat You Anywhere. Today, while dropping my bicycle off at Grapevine Bike Center on Northwest Highway to have the brakes replaced, I saw Meat You Anywhere right across the street. Timing was perfect.

I drove across the road, asked the complimentary valet parking person if I could park myself, he said, "Sure, it's not like I'm going to drag you out of your car." Big smile. Parking was very, very limited. About eight (8) spots for park-your-own and about six (6) spots for valet. But an Atmos Energy crew cab was just pulling out and motioned me to slide into "their" spot.

I expected an "older" feeling to the BBQ even though it was only a year old. It looked new, sort of felt new, but mostly it felt real Texas-genuine. The entire area is about the size of our apartment; in other words, really small, which makes it very intimate. You give your order to the "chef" who is about three feet from the counter. By the time you get up to the cashier to tell him what you ordered, your order is ready.

The one two three words I would use to describe the ambiance: casual. And friendly. And relaxed.  When telling the "chef" what you want, it sort of feels like you are talking to your brother-in-law. Assuming you have a brother-in-law who likes to grill and likes you.

I don't recall if beer was sold, but almost every size and type of soft drink and tea, of course. While paying, I asked when they quit serving breakfast; they serve breakfast all day which means I can get a chorizo and egg taco for $2.50 tomorrow. Today I had a brisket sandwich and a side of cowboy pinto beans. And a Dr Pepper. And a side of jalapeno peppers. Sauces, if necessary, were at the table, along with the requisite roll of Brawny.

Their must have been a dozen men working at Meat You Anywhere -- and again, this is a very small establishment. The "chef" and the cashier were both incredibly friendly: when I ordered my BBQ they probably guessed I was a neophyte, but they never let on. 

The brisket sandwich was generous; more then I -- a senior citizen -- needed. It was incredible. I don't have BBQ often but this may be the best I've had in a long time. Or ever.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the various cuts of meat are sold only by the pound. You cannot order less than a pound of brisket, for example, on Friday or Saturday. A pound of brisket is probably too much for four seniors, but probably not enough for two Texas high school football players and certainly not enough for one Texas college lineman. My wife was not with me today, but I will ask her to join me next time she wants BBQ. I will recommend we share one sandwich -- several meat choices available.

The seating was limited but ample for lunch. Don't go with a 16-member office group. Four is the most I would recommend. There were about 12 tables down the east side of the building (all inside seating). By the time I was leaving, the line stretched out the front door, about eight people. I can't even imagine how busy this place is in the evening, especially on the weekend. Plan on take-out and you won't be disappointed.

I am blown away by the fact that the Texas Monthly folks even found this restaurant. My hunch is they already knew the owner, his reputation, and have been following his movements across the state.

Price? Somewhere between inexpensive and moderate.

Meat You Anywhere will obviously be "my-go-to-place-for-BBQ" in the metrolplex. For sushi, Kobeya in Southlake.

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