Friday, October 16, 2015

Natural Gas Fill Rate And Gasoline Demand -- October 16, 2015

Natural gas fill rate (dynamic link): 100. In the East Region, stocks were 16 Bcf below the 5-year average following net injections of 51 Bcf.

Gasoline demand in the US (dynamic link): 9.137 million bopd. Trending slightly up. Most recent four week averages -- 9.083 million bopd (2015); 8.782 million bopd (2014). That's a 12% increase over last year. It's hard to say it's an improving economy (maybe it is), but it certainly says something for a) cheap gasoline prices; and, b) Americans who love gas-guzzling SUVs and F-150's.

By the way, across from the swimming pool where our granddaughter practices and plays water polo, least expensive gasoline is selling for $1.89/gallon -- Southlake, Texas. Hoo-ah!

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