Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Man-Camps Springing Up In San Pedro, California -- August 25, 2015

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Man-Camps In San Pedro, California

Only in the land of fruits and nuts and flakes. The Los Angeles Times is reporting:
The running legal and political debate at Los Angeles City Hall over how best to manage street encampments is turning to a new issue: tiny, curbside homes on wheels.
Some advocates for the homeless see the wooden, sometimes colorful single-room structures — about the size of a parking spot — as a simple and safer alternative to having the homeless sleep on the sidewalks.
The mini-houses have popped up recently around Los Angeles, with a number of them in San Pedro. But Harbor-area Councilman Joe Buscaino argues that a proliferation of the structures undercuts the appearance of neighborhoods and poses problems of public safety because the homes don't have running water or reflective markings.
"These wooden shacks are not the real estate I'm looking for in my district," he told colleagues at a committee hearing Monday.
The dispute is the latest twist in a complex and evolving legislative response to a growing homeless problem that has seen encampments spreading into more residential neighborhoods.
Encampments? Perhaps we should call them "man-camps."

In the Bakken, fracking came first, then the man-camps. In California, apparently just the opposite -- build the "man-camps" first. If you build it, they will come.

Safety issues: "... the homes don't have running water or reflective markings." The lack of reflective markings can be easily rectified. Running water: hoses from conventional cooperative homeowners.

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