Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For The Archives -- April 15, 2015; Kennedys Might Get Some More Skiing In This Weekend

The biggest story for the morning: US natural gas reserves at 110 years at current usage rate.

I remember years ago when they said US coal would last a hundred years.

I wonder if the same can't be said for oil with one slight tweak: US crude oil reserves will last a hundred years at projected decline in usage rate.

For The Archives

Who beat Harry Reid? asks Rush.

Hillary stages photo-op; has three votes for sure. 

Homeland Security buys 62 million rounds of AR-15 ammo. Does the US government issue AR-15's? I honestly don't know.

Hillary's campaign says to call her Hillary is sexist; but she uses "H" for her logo. I remember when folks told me it was inappropriate to call the Unaffordable Care Act by its other name, ObamaCare. It turns out that everyone calls it ObamaCare now instead of its other name, the Unaffordable Care Act.

Ebola virus found in semen six months after recovery. Two questions: a) who thought of this?; and, b) why?

Attention deficit drugs are going mainstream; increasingly used by corporate suits.

This is April, isn't it? The Kennedys might get some more skiing in this weekend in Colorado. Dr Roy Spencer is reporting:
A strong spring storm developing over the Northern Rockies will bring heavy snow and strong winds to portions of Wyoming and Colorado over the next few days, with the heaviest snows expected on Friday. Winter storm watches and warnings are starting to be issued, with more modest snow totals expected in Montana, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico.
Predicted total snowfall amounts from the GFS model exceed 5 ft in scattered areas by Sunday morning.


  1. 80 degrees in Billings yesterday- 2+ inches of snow today in SE Montana. Gotta love Spring on the Upper Great Plains.

    1. My dad always referred to Williston as being in the "banana belt" -- often seeing Williston warmer than much of the surrounding area. Obviously, he was only remembering the "good" days.