Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Geico Rock Award -- Voting Now Open -- December 7, 2014

These were the four nominees for the Geico Rock Award for 2014:
  • Patrick Sullivan, Center for Biological Diversity, who is concerned California's oil and gas industry could "go the way" of North Dakota's oil industry (see photos at link)
  • Scott DiSavino and Edward McAllister, Reuters, for suggesting the cold winter (last 2013-2014) was the cause of all "our" energy problems last winter
  • Marguerite Coyle, assistant biology professor at the University of Jamestown, voices concern over a proposed transmission line with regard to migratory birds and never said anything about all the wind farms in North Dakota
  • US Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, who seemed surprised about the North American energy revolution that had been going on since at least 2000
I will leave it up to the readers to vote for the 2014 award winner: Geico Rock Award:
a) Patrick Sullivan
b) Scott DeSavino and Edward McAllister
c) Marguerite Coyle
d) US Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz

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