Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just For The Fun Of It -- November 22, 2014

A reader has figured out how to time the Google satellite views of the Bakken; pretty clever.

As an example:

Go to Google maps and "cut and paste" these coordinates:  48.1123617,-103.3983747.

The reader says:
You are now at the border Stockyard Creek (North) and Long Creek/Crazy Man Creek. At right Insign Drilling Rig 88, Simmental well pad, then the Gust well pad, the Nelson well pad, then the Angus well with the Nabors 92 rig. 
To your left some spread-out well pads (not so nice) from Continental (CLR).
And more:
The Angus well pad. The rig must be at this well:

From that you can determine the date: September 13 - September 22, 2014.

Both the Gust and Nelson well pads has been transformed from single well pads to multi-well pads (3 wells/pad).
At the Google map you can also see the two Nelson wells waiting for fracking and Continental Resources' new mega pumps as well as the good old ones.
Truly amazing what folks are doing, connecting NDIC data with Google satellite photos.

Now, if only I had an interest in writing "application" software.


After going through all of that, it turns out there is a much easier way. See first comment below: Google Earth provides date of imagery. And, even better, one can use Google Earth to look at past imagery in the database, which is also dated. 

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