Wednesday, October 15, 2014

KMI Increases Dividend -- October 15, 2014

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KMI increases dividend from 41 cents to 44 cents

How Serious Are Things In Washington?

No golfing on his schedule in quite some time.

He just canceled a fundraising trip. He must have been handed an intelligence report [on Ebola] that needs to be read. And with the Dow falling another 300 420 440 points, his donors might not be all that energized to open their wallets.

How serious is it? Spiraling out of control. And at least one CNBC anchor has said the US is "leaderless."

With Ebola, fortunately we  have ObamaCare. 

By the way, it now turns out that the second nurse who contracted Ebola called the CDC (the CDC confirms the calls) several times to ask if it was safe for her to fly despite the fact that she had a fever. Her temperature was 99.5 and because that did not hit the "risk factor" temperature of 100.4 she was "allowed" to fly by the CDC. Sources everywhere. 

Global Warming
Climate Change
Extreme Weather
Ice Age Now

Let's not forget global warming, the 25th issue on Americans' minds:


  1. Bruce,

    I suspect our POTUS is being briefed on the ongoing Ebola issue in Dallas. If you want a good thrill, please read Richard Prestons book on Ebola from 1994: The Hot Zone. A lot of good info in the book along with a very good scare!


    1. I read "The Hot Zone" years ago; probably couldn't find my copy now.

      You are so correct about the briefing. It's on Ebola. That's very, very interesting by the way. We're getting way off topic from the Bakken, I apologize. But, I just sent an e-mail to a reader:

      Ebola is a POLITICAL story.

      ISIS is a much, more serious problem for a different reason. ISIS is not a political story. Obama knows he has a good military that can handle ISIS if necessary (SecDef Hagel is the weak link; political correctness is the other weak link). But Obama realizes he has no "A" team for handling Ebola as a POLITICAL story. One of the most hallowed non-politicized entities, the CDC, is now coming under attack and the Ebola story has barely begun. By the way, have we heard anything from the US Surgeon General or the Secretary, Health and Human Services (quick, name him/ you can't... hint: she's a political appointee with no background .. none, in health, much less Ebola)?