Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update On The Quest For Bakken Maps: NOTE CORRECTION


Correction:  The referenced map shows well sites with "spud date ranges," not "IP ranges." Again, the map apparently does NOT show "IPs" but rather spud dates, which makes a lot more sense. If I'm misreading this, I will correct it. 
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Over at the discussion group, a couple of folks have been talking about maps of the Bakken. A reader provided:
This is the link for the map that I found that provides the IP of Bakken wells drilled to day:

And if that doesn't work go to this link and then click on the top of the page where it says "purchase Bakken Map":

The map is very nice and printed on heavy paper and shipped in a protective mailing tube all for 10 bucks. This is done North Dakota-style giving you a great value for your buck.
The information provided will probably help most people that want a better understanding of the big picture. You can see where the drilling is consolidated and where the activity ends in all directions plus a whole lot more.
Neither the reader nor I have any affiliation with this; this is not a paid advertisement or an infocommercial.

By the way, the reader is still looking for a source for a large wall map of the Bakken oil fields in the Williston Basin.

More later. Gotta run.

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