Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Huge RBN Story: Get Ready For US Ethane Exports; Whole Foods Shares Plunge

Active rigs:

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RBN Energy: ethane exports -- might soon happen.
U.S. ethane has never been exported overseas.  Not yet, that is.  Week by week, the details of an emerging export market for U.S.-sourced ethane are coming into focus. Enterprise Product Partners, which has been expressing interest in exporting ethane for some time, a couple of weeks ago announced plans for a 240 Mb/d export terminal on Texas’s Gulf Coast and explained how it sees things shaking out. Navigator Holdings, a major shipping company, has placed an order for new semi-refrigerated liquefied gas carriers capable of carrying ethane (or ethylene). And while U.S. ethylene producers fret about how ethane exports could drive up domestic ethane prices, there is solid evidence ethane will remain a surplus, low-cost commodity for years to come. In this follow-up to our recent ethane exports series, we consider recent developments and what they mean.
The Wall Street Journal

Janet Yellen: keep pumping. If you read the story closely, she is quite concerned that economy could falter. One almost wonders how much of this is all being caused by a) Dodd-Frank, b) the EPA; and, c) the President's misguided fixation on global warming. Fortunately, presidents come and go.

I've always thought this was something that need to be considered. FedEx to charge by package size.

Test shows US 12th graders aren't improving in reading of math. Since this took some time to "develop," the blame can probably be traced back to George W. Bush.

US urges companies to use sturdier tanks for oil-trains.

Tea Party impact still looms large in Republican primaries. If the government forced me to register with one of the parties, I would register with the Tea Party, or perhaps the Libertarian Party. I can no longer tell the difference between the Boehnerists and the Reidists in Washington, DC.

House votes to hold Lois in contempt. Does she have the mental fortitude to go it alone?

You think genetically modificed crops are interesting? Think about this: researchers for the first time have created microbes containing artificial DNA, expanding the universal genetic code that guids life.

Sanctions on Russia now hurting US, European firms. And this is news? Dog bites man in Iowa.

The Russians are organizing in Latvia.

I've never been fond of Whole Foods; I always thought eventually prices would do them in. Now this headline: slow to cut prices, Whole Foods is punished. Shares plunged almost 20% after it reduced its sales and earnings outlook for the third time in six months. Actually, it wasn't so muc that it was slow to cut prices, after six years of the "no-bama recovery," consumers are finally throwing in the towel at shopping at high-price grocery stores.

How Target missed the mark in Canada. Target's failed launch in Canada was marred by understocked shelves, prices higher than customers expected (see Whole Foods story above, inadequately trained staff and disappointed shoppers.

Previously posted: Tesla reports loss on higher research costs.

The Los Angeles Times

Estimated cost of key bullet train segment rises $1 billion. And this is news? Dog bites man in Iowas. The $1 billion-increase in price was just the estimate; building has not even begun. Once they actually start building, one will will sees costs rise astronomically. Remember the Big Dig in Boston?

Hook-ups at California college campuses leading to more unwanted sex. And this is news? Dog bites man in Iowa.

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