Thursday, February 13, 2014

NuStar Energy Completes CBW Loading Dock At Corpus Christi

NuStar Energy completes construction of a private marine loading dock at its North Beach Terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas, and has its first ship at the dock to be loaded with crude oil: Originally scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of this year, NuStar expedited the project in order to meet strong customer interest in using the dock to transport shipments of Eagle Ford crude oil by water.

Just sitting on the dock of the bay:

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay, Otis Redding

Remember: oil cannot be exported except to Canada and to a few other locations by exception.

[Later: that's where I ended the original post. Look this article, the link sent to me by a reader, a Reuters article from website.
The U.S. government has authorized limited crude oil exports to Europe, for the first time in years, raising new questions about how companies are testing the limits of a controversial, decades-old exports ban.
The Department of Commerce has granted two licenses to export U.S. crude to the UK since last year and another two to Italy, according to data Reuters obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.
One application for German exports was filed in January and is awaiting a decision by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), which is responsible for reviewing requests to export crude under a 1975 law that bans most shipments with a few exceptions, including sales to Canada and re-export of foreign oil.
These are the first permits for shipments to the UK since at least 2000 and the first to any European country since 2008, according to data from the BIS. The bureau has approved 120 licenses since January 2013, nearly 90 percent of which were for sales to Canada, the data show.
RBN Energy has had countless posts on the CBW phenomenon.

Nothing to do with the Bakken. Putting things into perspective

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