Monday, February 3, 2014

IPs For Wells Coming Off Confidential List Have Been Posted; HRC Has A "High IP" Well

Link here for IPs over the weekend.

January: A Tough Month For Car Sales

Volkswagen sales down 19% y/y.
Ford sales down 7% y/y.

For Investors Only

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Thirteen (13) companies announce increased dividends/distributions, including Polaris Industries and Time Warner Cable. Time Warner's increase was significant, from 65 cents to 75 cents.

Outside The Bakken, More Natural Gas Processing Coming On Line

DCP Midstream adding half a Bcf/D of natural gas processing capacity in two key U.S. basins:
  • In the DJ Basin, DCP Midstream is constructing the new 200 MMcf/d Lucerne 2 Plant. 
  • Also in the DJ Basin, the recently started O'Connor Plant is increasing its throughput capacity from 110 MMcf/d to 160MMcf/d, up almost 50 percent. Both the Lucerne 2 and O'Connor plants are connecting to the Front Range NGL Pipeline, now in service. 
  • In the Eagle Ford Shale, the 200 MMcf/d Goliad Plant is now in start-up.
Things Have Changed

From print edition, BloombergBusinessweek: "Fewer than 30 companies have reached a market cap of $150 billion. Using the IPO date as the starting point, Facebook is on track to do it the fastest." 

Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan

One Thing Hasn't Changed: ObamaCare Website

The Washington Post is reporting that the government and/or the website cannot fix tens of thousands of ObamaCare on-line enrollments that are alleged to be incorrect. Folks are complaining premiums are too high; that they were "directed" to the wrong insurance policy; etc., etc.. Sounds fishy to me. Folks are simply try to get out of an expensive contract. I think in real estate it's called "buyer's remorse."

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