Monday, December 30, 2013

Memo To Self: Mail One Less Letter Every Two Months For The Next Two Years; "Warmists" Bailing

I use about ten (10) first-class stamps/month.

x 12 months = 120 stamps

x 2 years = 240 stamps

x 46 cents for one "forever" stamp = $110.40

With the "temporary" increase to 49 cents for a first class stamp effective January 26, 240 stamps would cost = $117.60.

Decisions, decisions.

But how gullible does Congress think Americans are? This is being "sold" as a temporary measure.

Back to the arithmetic.  

$117.60 - $110.40 = $7.20.

$7.20 / $0.49 = 15 first-class stamps (15 letters)

So, the easiest thing to do is maintain my $110.40 postage stamp budget for the next two years, and mail 15 less letters over the course of the next two years.

Christmas cards? Nope, Christmas postcards.

That was easy.

Global Warming

I can't make this stuff up. A bunch of "warmist" scientists set sail this summer to study the effect of global warming on the Antarctic ice sheet. They were expecting the Antarctic ice sheet to have shrunk either in area or in thickness due to global warming. Remember, it's summer in the Antarctic.

It appears their ship was iced in. For the past several weeks, folks smarter than I have been trying to figure out how to rescue these latter-day Gullivers. Ice-breaking ships were unable to reach the stranded "warmists."

The "warmists" have given up. They will be rescued by helicopter.

I can't make this stuff up.  Mail On-Line is reporting.

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